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Anatomical Sounds

In life I discover one more time that everything is about spirit. The spirit reigns. Everything is, together, with the amount of spirit that is required for it to exist. And when the hour rings, then the spirit desists.

What is left?

A heart - spirit.

So when the spirit leaves

We are left with the spirit

And we cry

For we see

That nothing really left

For nothing really was

- A spirit

The rest is holograms

Hollow figures that we

Thought of as

Loved ones

and bodies

The rest is spirit,

The sum also, and all

The functions

But beware my friend

There is no such thing as


There is only nomadic pain

Opposition to the way of the Rivers

And even the it is Health

For Water enjoys

being pushed around

So relax yourself in the spirit,

my friend -

my same, mi opuesto


My me

We are

(and) If you can feel the blood

and the lymph

and the spirit

Be that water, my friend.

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