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Nuclei fuse

I am beautiful, and I am you. I am free; I was made to magnificently use all the incredibly complex chemical-spiritual-quantum array of tools available to this incarnation to create a cathedral of love expressed in soul, sound, colors, words and vibration.

I am part of an ever-lasting improvisation, weaving the cosmos into grocery bags, electrons, sons and daughters, suns and stars, stories, fears, hunger, starvation, obesity and also, always: a search for balance and beauty. Smiles on a galactic basis. Lives that last billions of years. Trust that encompasses whole universes.

We can make every second a new instant and let Time's waters wash our Hearts: anew, always. Be born every minute. Die every second and you will live forever. You and me are the same and when we smile we are a manifestation of release in the improvisation - when we cry it's tension and it's the contrast that allows us to express all the colors in Life's great tonal spectrum.

Tears and laughter are gateways that can penetrate souls and dimensions and deny the covalence of electrons that prevents hearts from touching: in emotion our nuclei fuse and melt together to forget themselves into supernovas made of billions of polyamorous atoms, freely loving each other without boundaries or barriers.

Harness all the power there is in loneliness if you can realize the prowess of truly embracing your Self as a sibling: the Universe and the Cosmos are none but your alter egos.

We chop the onion of life and with each layer we go deeper into learning about the Self and I thank You, Mother, Father, Double-Gendered being who sings through my pores as I move and evolve through a journey of Beauty and Tragedy.

Make every doubt a new step on the route that goes on the mountain, knows the mountain, learns the smells of wet soil and the dry mornings and the beasts lurking. Make every day a chance to create, cherish, accomplish, explore, adapt, and love.

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