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Being left to my own devices

All I have is these I’s

Phones, pads, watches

Sanitary pads for the blood

The hemorrhage of faces

Of books of ads of fads

Driving all of us mad

We OD and get ADHD

Connection is abrasion

We burn our nerve endings

Too much cohesion coercion

Too much stimulation

Minds and sense burnt

IQs lowered from birth

Because babies too

Get their personal i’s

iBabies iNannies iCandies

Instantly on the gram

Prebirth on the big scam

Pregnant scans of EKGs

Floating on the web like little me’s

Fetus roaming on the internet

Born just for a programmed death

Did you ask the baby

Before you put her picture up?

I would’ve said no to having

A picture of my first erection

Put on the web to be seen by whom?

Let me masturbate in the womb

There’s just no peace left

Prebirth I’m already possessed

My copyright belongs to some Mark

Some Harvard dropout who owns

The rights to my image and stores it

Maybe one day they’ll be worth millions

The pictures of my baby erections

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