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I have known cities

I have known cities

Cities of lost gold and dust

Temples of silver clouds and vast

Lands of dreams and desires

I have known oceans

Oceans of pearls and water snails

Caves filled with iridescent snakes

Miraculous places of Earth

I have known people

Beautiful, sinful and radiant people

Humans of all walks and stories

Entire colleges of knowledge and such

I have known magic

In the eyes of the beholders

I have known ears

For those who have ears heard

I have know alchemy

Khemet transforming minds and souls

But the things of you I will never know

Never know the pebbles of your soul

Never know the gentle breath of your sighs

Never, the tender kisses of night

Never, the sound of your pleasure

Never, the strength of your desire

The perfect sweetness of our embrace

The one I want is who you are

In a land that I will never know

Further than where my arms can reach

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