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Innocence visited me again

She sat at my table and looked at me

I offered her my best tea

Outside, it was pouring rain

It was night

Innocence sat down

And dipped her lip in my tea

Your tea is made of tears, she said

I cried some more

So she would have enough to drink

I cried when she pronounced the words

Love again

Innocence was a woman

That looked like my mother

But she had never been touched

She reminded me of before

Before I was touched

Before I knew how to say no

To no avail

Innocence drank my tea

She said, you can love again

And the tears poured down my eyes

With the rain

All over the table

She left quietly

And still now

I cry a lake for her

In the lake some people reflect

Their visages come up

Expressions and stories

In the lake there is my lifetime

And the reflection

of Innocence

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