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Speak to me of magic

The real magic of real love

No facsimile non-attachment

Just the really real thing

Your real lips on my real lips

And my real thighs in your real hands

The real openness in my readiness

Magic when you come close to me

The pain of the pleasure

Because it’s so close, and so fine

So complete, so specifically chosen

Undertaken possibilities and blank minds

The feeling of your touch

When everything you do feels right

Every second is eternal

All thoughts infinitely mercurial

When you hold my thighs in your hands

It will be perfect readiness

The appeal of our bodies so close

Our souls merging into one breath

Perfectly united in the magic

The mystic flow that has evidently

Been specifically chosen

For us to breathe as one

Inspiring life through our lungs

And breathing the creation of a new soul

The dual identity of our spirits

The real purity of our construction

With every act of love deepening

The purity of our bond with the ALL

Ever-lasting, unchanging timelessness

Forever bound with the Universe

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