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Put Your Heart Down Gentle

I carry my heart heavy

It weighs at least one ton

And I carry it in my hands

Up a hill always higher

I carry my heart through

The days the pains the shames

The shapes of guilt and wanderings

I carry my heart like a stone

I feel, feel, feel

And I cry just about as much

I carry my heart a little higher

And the day I’m tired I will rest

I’ll put my heart down gently

I’ll rest and look at the mountain

My gaze on the horizon

Where the sun will be setting

And with my heart as a pillow

I’ll go to sleep with tears

Flowing down my cheeks

Tears of exhaustion

Tears of frustration

Tears of failure and mishaps

Tears of years wasted

Tears of seconds passed

And with my tears bathing me

I’ll go to sleep finally

Staring at the stars in the sky

All the way up on the mountain.

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