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The Little Things You'll Keep

If you think I’m not the one dear,

It’s because you’ve made me that way.

Strange how you told me how perfect I was

The times I unveiled my soul to you.

I showed you all of me and you took

My courage and said nice thank you

Now you get to keep that bit of my heart.

I showed you my secrets and the little things

That inhabit the crevasses of my being.

These little things that might not be pretty.

Because oh well they’re all so human.

Now you get to keep these little things of my soul.

I showed you my tears and my longings.

I told you how lonely I am and because

You were a stranger it was easy to bare.

So you are a stranger now and you keep my belongings.

Keep the pieces in you somewhere

Like I did with my last lover

Take this little doggy bag away

It’s leftovers for your empty days

When maybe you’ll remember

The little bits that my heart is made of.

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